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28th September 2006

12:37am: i wish i had gone to the homecoming game. buttttttttt... it would have just been loads of awkward.

and i, too, wish i was better at going around and making friends. aw;lfkjds;lfkjsd;lfj. but i already ranted at my xanga.
Current Mood: lonely

16th September 2006

1:18am: ok, today made me feel a LOT better about college.

tomorrow is the fling at the field (informal dance at the field museum)... and i suggested that all of us suitemates go together.. so that should be fun!!
Current Mood: optimistic

13th September 2006

5:26pm: i miss home already. a lot.

and i am off to see WICKED (for only $10!!!)... i SHOULD feel more excited...

11th September 2006

9:58pm: goodbye, everyone...

i feel really uneasy. i don't want to start a new chapter of my life when i feel uneasy. oh well.

and most of the people that read this probably don't care, but i just felt like posting something in my xanga and livejournal, so... whatever.
Current Mood: sad

23rd August 2006

6:40am: lj communities are awesome. despite my loyalty to xanga (for various reasons), lj's community feature beats the shit out of xanga groups. kinda pointless for me, though, since i only really use the communities to get icons. icons that i only really need for lj. but whatever, i like finding them.

my latest icon-finding spree was for The Closer. haven't seen it? you definitely should. it's on at 8pm (central time) on mondays... but it's a summer series. only 2 eppies left!! :(

my icon has the characters will pope (assistant police chief) and brenda johnson (the star (deputy chief of priority homicide).

i want to be a detective! ...yeah, i know. i wouldn't be right for it, blahblahblah. but a girl can dream, can't she?

2nd August 2006

4:57am: golf pros and tennis hos!
and my sleeping schedule goes out of whack, yet again. it seems to be every 6 days, since that first meijer outing with the gang. 6 days later, and another all-nighter with josh, which included THREE meijers and lotsofun. and another 6 days, and i'm up all night, by myself. i think i'm just going to try to stay awake for as long as possible, so that i go to sleep at a semi-normal time tomorrow (today) night, because i have work at 9am on thursday and i don't want to go to a frickin' KIDS RULE (10am showing of a kids movie) and have to deal with 3432524095 kids and their BITCHY parents/caretakers on only a few hours of sleep. i had that experience last week, and it wasn't pretty. not at all. and this is how desperate i am to stay awake... writing in the lyyyvejhurrnaul. because it's different. and that makes it *EXCITING*. not really, but yeeeerh. argh. ta ta for now, everyone.
Current Mood: imma break a bitch' back

8th August 2005

3:06pm: Lopa is...
Directions: Type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 10 responses. Copy, then repost your responses:

1. Lopa is the last mountain, which is higher then 2400m in Kanin/Canin group to the east from Visoki Kanin, 2587m and one of the hardest approachable in Kanin group.
2. Lopa is of Indian origin (Gujarati) but was born and brought up in Kenya (East Africa). Married, she is mother to a 7-year-old daughter, works full-time and lives in North London.
3. Loko Lopa [Lake Lopa] is a very beautiful lake in beautiful surroundings.
4. “Lopa is here!”
“Yes,” Eugene said dryly. “That’s what you said last time. I remember ‘Lopa.’ She’s your ‘control’ I think you said.”
“I’m Lopa,” said the husky voice. “I’m Lopa herself.”
5. Lopa is 4 feet 11 inches of pure craziness!
6. Lopa is know to be incorruptible and fearless in going after people suspected from corruption.
7. Lopa is the Moderator of the online discussion group Uttorshuri. She runs the feminist publication house Khona.
8. Lopa is more goodlooking than dolly.
9. LOPA is a methodology for hazard evaluation and risk assessment.
10. LOPA is a very short game that at times feels claustrophobic.

aww, they weren't as funny as i had hoped. :( oh well! :P

4th April 2005

10:14pm: jumping on the wagon of bands!
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4th March 2005

12:58am: If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, so long as it happened. Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you.

5th February 2005

11:58pm: Leave a comment with a memory of me.
Good, bad, funny, embarrassing, the more the merrier.

Then post this in your journal and see what people remember about you.

17th January 2005

1:21am: another survey.. for YOU!
if you do it.. you're awesome. and if you don't do it.. you should do it!!

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
6. Describe me in one word.
7. What is one thing I stand out from others?
8. What was your first impression of me?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When’s the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
15. Did you ever dream about me?
16. 1-10 how much do you like me?
17. Did we ever get in a fight?
18. What is my best quality? Worst?
19. What is my bad habit?
20. Are you going to put this on your LJ and see what I say about you?
Current Mood: disappointed

11th January 2005

12:54am: post anything! comments are THE awesome.

so.. i'm not really writing in this one.. i want you to write to me!! i love hearing what friends have to say.. especially in these kinds of thingies! so do it, aye!! P^)  <it's a pirate with an eye patch!! and apparently it's covering the only eye he has!!!

Post anything that you want and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like. Then, put this in your livejournal to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your livejournal) have to say.

Current Mood: okay

28th November 2004

1:06am: 3 things/1 thing
well.. i'm too lazy to write. but i stumbled upon one of these.. and i wanted to put it in my xanga again.

Write three things you love about me.
Write one thing you hate about me.

Write three things you would never change about me.
Write one thing you would want to change on me.

and yes... there is an entry from my xanga that i REALLY didn't put up in here!! obviously it's the post that is right before this one. like.. this post is in here AND my xanga. and the post before this one in my xanga WOULD have been in this one. do i make sense? probably not.. oh well! fill it out! why? because you love me!
Current Mood: nostalgic

20th November 2004

4:33pm: xanga is updated. werd.
Current Mood: jealous

17th November 2004

1:28am: yeah... i think i'm just gonna give up on the livejournal... if you want you can go to my xanga... www.xanga.com/SleepyLopy ... i just prefer how it looks better and i don't know how to fix this up and there's no point to having 2 journals with exactly the same things. i might occassionally post LJ memegen quizzes in here because i never get them to work on my xanga... but that's about it. if anyone has any objections (which i highly doubt since i haven't really been updating lately anyway.. but perhaps now i will. muahaha)... let me know.

12th November 2004


yeah i'll have a real update soon... but here's a quizzy!

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Current Mood: tired

1st November 2004

11:19pm: yup...

well i have nothing better to do so i'm going to update this.. not like i'm expecting anyone to care... but oh well. i guess i have to do it for myself so one day when i'm old and i think my life is bad i can look back on these days and see how much better i have it. yeah i know boo hoo i'm such a whiner. oh well. i know i've been blah lately and more stupid and boring and everyhing than i usually am but it's not like i enjoy it. you think i like knowing that everyone around me would rather be anywhere than with me? NO!

monday 10-18... after school drove around with julie kathy and tiff looking for a democratic headquarters to get signs but couldn't find the places. dropped tiff off at school and then went to the republican place in addison next to marklund (actually.. next to where marklund used to be. i guess it closed down?). then we went to kathy's house and worked on homework and such.

tuesday 10-19... after school we had a drama meeting. after that i went to panera bread with kathy and then we went to her house to work on the ap history paper.

wednesday 10-20... walgreens blew up. i forgot to take a picture and it's probably too late now. after school i had key club. julie dropped off andy and then kathy and tiff and then me. then i got ready for the fine arts showcase and like 20 minutes later julie and thalia came back to pick me up. i was going to get food but i didn't want to be an annoyance. then we had the concert and it was ok. after the concert i went to ihop with julie tiff katie and vince and it was blah. then came home.

thursday 10-21... after school when i was turning left from lake street onto addison road to get to kathy's house i almost hit a stupid guy because he was crossing without looking and he was between vans and other tall stuff that i couldn't see him past but julie told me there was a guy so i was already slowing down. what an idiot. then i went to old country buffet with my mom and her friend and i was really sleepy.

friday 10-22... i started the day off shitty with my mom telling me that i need to get a life. after school i went looking for democratic signs again with tiff and kathy but we couldn't find any. but we found a republican place and got some from there and then tiff and kathy stole some from the back and hopped in the car and we sped off. then we went to china buffet and it was blah. then i dropped off tiff and kathy and i went to my house and waited for tiff and julie to come pick us up for the game. then everyone left. and then the lights went out and it was sorta raining. then the lights were sorta on and they had the halftime show and they slowly started turning back on. then later kathy came back to get me and we all left because no one else wanted to stay. then we drove around for a while and then i came home and blarghhh.

saturday 10-23... apparently we were supposed to watch the patriot but i didn't know so i wasn't awake til julie came to my house and honked and i didn't feel like going anyway so i didn't. a little while later my mom was yelling at me again saying that my friends only call me when their other friends can't do anything and they know i'm stupid enough to go with them. it hurt. later tiff said she wanted to go to the tshirt printing place to get anti-bush shirts made and i was online when she told me so i took her. we went inside and no one came up and we heard 2 old guys in the back talking and then one of them said "that's a bunch of bullshit!" so we left. i dropped her off and then went to target to see if they had the old soco cd but they didn't. when i was coming out i saw tiff pull in the parking lot.. she came to get a tshirt to make mr. miller an against bush tshirt so i went in with her and then we left. then i came home and had one of the stupidest most boring and annoying nights. 

monday 10-25... breakfast at BK, mine and kaitlin's guesses of our gym teacher hating us were confirmed yet again.. not only that but she called me LUPE. that's not even the same FUCKING nationality. ugh. at lunch i "sold" krispy kremes at the table with jenni and james. in math stupid teacher was being an ass. i was turned sideways b/c i always sit like that in that class and i was not talking AT ALL and she came and asked "is your desk ok?" and i was like yeah.. and she said "well then use it" and did one of those stupid bitchy smiles. ugh. i like teared up but at the same time i wanted to scream. after school i was hungry and i wanted taco bell and i took josh with me because i didn't want to go alone and yeah. then i went to lisa's house to help her with her math homework but we ended up not really doing any math haha.

tuesday 10-26... i was SLEEPY. we had to present our stupid poem analyses in english. we had a stupid math quiz. after school IL Math League. then drama board meeting. we're going to have shirts that say "theatre geek." then i came home and got taco bell and took a nap. then i woke up and i wanted DQ because i was thinking of it earlier and i went in the drive thru so julie wouldn't have to see my face but she was the person talking in it and the one to give me my cone.. sorry. but i went in the drive thru so i tried. then i came home and watched GG and OTH.

wednesday 10-27... after school julie tiff kathy and i (along with greg b/c he needed a ride) went to mcdonald's b/c they all wanted the cheap hamburgers. i got fries and a pop. then the 4 of us (not greg) went to julie's house to watch the patriot. in the beginning there wasn't much watching going on so i did hw and then i ended up not paying attention later because i missed the beginning anyway. then i came home. then i wanted DQ and i came online and talked to kaitlin and then i picked her up and we went. we ate and talked and then i dropped her off and came home.

thursday 10-28... went to spirit, wal mart, and halloween express looking for a costume. i got a punk pirate because the other ones were slutty. ugh. then i came home and got ready and went to my interview and i got the job. i asked julie if she wanted to go to target w/me after to see if they had better costumes but she said no b/c of hw.. so i went alone and got some candy and a shirt for under my punk pirate costume shirt (they didn't have like any adult costumes). then i came home and went to sleep because i was so tired.

friday 10-29... dressed up as a pirate. went to tri-m meeting that ended after like 10 minutes. ugh. played knock out in gym. in english watched the cartoon of sleepy hollow but i was half asleep. at lunch i was finishing up my choir participation and then we had the whole code black for a bomb threat thing. it turns out the threat wasn't even for us.. it was for 3 other schools.. one of which was "evanston" which they misheard as addison. how stupid. we sat in the bleachers for like 3 hours and finally got to go. i took julie and tiff to their houses and then i stopped at mine to get $$ and stuff. then we were on our way to meet dulari and kathy at woodfield and rikin called so i came back and picked him up. then we met dulu and kathy at forever 21 and then ate at sbarro and i know i'm so damn slow and i'm sorry. then we went to spirit and spencer gifts. some guy there asked me julie and tiff if we worked there. it was funny... (remember: we were dressed as pirates the whole time! everywhere we went people were looking at us ). then i dropped off rikin and then julie and tiff. then kathy and i went to get gas and pick up dulari and then shirali and rikin from shirali's house and then i went 80 on the expressway to drop them off at their bus at woodfield!! then kathy and i drove around on barrington road and went to wal mart. then we drove down army trail and drove to the end of it and looked for the mungham railroad but it isn't there any more. then we went to tjmaxx and then it was getting sorta late (not really but late since my mom needs the car by 10) so we left and i dropped kathy off and went home.

saturday 10-30... tiff and katie conniff were coming to pick up me and katiepope to go to the football game and i guess julie switched work times so she came too. i wouldn't have even known.. then we got katie and drove the wrong way down lombard again. the football game was freezing but we won 40-6. i left early with katie and jenni because yeah... we went to jenni's house and played DDR and mancala and pictionary and then we came home around 11:30.

sunday 10-31 (halloween)... ate pizza. i wasn't going to go trick or treating but jenni and katiepope saved me. so i took a shower and got ready and went to katie's house. it was FREEZING outside. after a few hours we went back to her house and traded candy and stuff and then played mystery date. then we went home.

i'm not going to write about today until the next entry (which will include many days after today too). just a preview: today is my first day of training. and wed. is my second. some time after that i start work work. and this saturday-tuesday i'll be visiting stanford with jenni.

p.s. i'm not normally this blah. and i hate being like this because it makes me even more annoying and boring and un-fun to be around than i normally am.

Current Mood: blah

17th October 2004

11:39pm: this entry is a mile long.

wowowowow... it's been a long time since i've updated. and in an effort to further avoid doing my homework, i'm going to update! this starts from september 25... and if you thought some of my other entries were long... this one is MASSIVE. like your ASS. that's right.

saturday 9-25... went to david's bridal with julie and dulari and met with lisa and katiepope. they didn't find anything but i bought my shoes. then we went to yorktown because lauren said they had a lot of dresses. we went to carson's, then ate in the food court and talked for a while, and then went to von maur, but no one found any dresses . then we went looking for oak brook but apparently we took a wrong turn and we drove in the wrong direction for like 15 minutes haha. but then we turned around and found it. then we went in circles looking for parking, and finally went to marshall field's. they had some fugly dresses except for this one that julie tried on that looked really good but she didn't want to get it. then we went to lord and taylor but there wasn't anything, and then we all went homeeeee.

monday 9-27... went to breakfast with julie, tiff, and lisa before school b/c of late start! lisa was playing with the butter and it exploded. thankfully barely any got on me but there was a bunch on the wall behind me. it was really funny if you were there. then we had extra time so we went to jewel and walked aroung and read funny greeting cards. after school i had my best buy interview which obviously didn't go well.  it's crossed out because i wish i could pretend it didn't happen. then i went home and julie picked me up after she got out from tennis (i didn't go to practice because of the interview. we went to stratford and looked for dresses for her but didn't find anything. then we went towards woodfield looking for another david's bridal or another bridal store but we didn't have much luck, and we went to woodfield and didn't find anything there either.

friday 10-1... i came home and my aunt had been here from michigan so i went out with her and my mom looking for stuff i needed. we went to barnes and noble and i got the scarlet letter. then we went to sports authority so i could look for gym shoes but i didn't get anything. then we went to stratford so i could look for shoes but i didn't find anything i liked. then i got home and jenni had called so i called her back and then went to her house. we watched this movie called "twisted." it was good! towards the end jesse came over and then after the movie we talked for a while and watched tv.

saturday 10-2/sunday 10-3... i went to the kohl's by shoe carnival, and then shoe carnival, and then stratford with julie (i think. or maybe with my mom. but i think i went with julie.). then i came home and had pizza. then i went out with my mom. we went to tjmaxx and then another tjmaxx, and then footlocker so i could look for shoes. then we went to target so i could apply there. then we came home and i showered. then julie picked me up and we went to elmhurst college and watched the end of her brother's concert. after it was over we met her family and molly's friend outside and ate pizza! it was good. then we went to mike's dorm and dropped off our stuff, and he gave us a tour of the campus. then we went back to his room and watched tv with the awesome projector!! haha. we watched that one japanese game show where they do really stupid stuff. and they dub stuff in english into it but it's not the real translations.. but it's funny! then we watched jay and silent bob strike back and fell asleep. the next morning julie and i changed and brushed and then picked up tiff. then we went to panera to get food! we were going to get mcdonald's but julie asked if i wanted to go somewhere else because there wasn't much lunchtime food for me at mcd's (no meat...) so that's how we ended up at panera! then we came back and ate while watching her brother's ultimate frisbee game. then tiff and julie needed to find a place to get their hair done so we looked and they found a place. then we came home.

monday 10-4... umm i don't remember much but in the morning we had the stupid honor roll assembly.

tuesday 10-5... it was pajama day so i wore comfy clothes. after school we had the IMEA auditions thing at our school and julie and jenni and shannon were helping out too. then after that julie and i went to the library to look for books for our history project that was due the next day and found stuff! yaya! then i had to hurry home and pick up food and go to my stupid psat class and we took a practice test. then i came home and watched gilmore girls and one tree hill instead of working on my project. i started at like 11:30!

wednesday 10-6... it was dulari's birthday!! after school we had a drama meeting because the one from the day before was cancelled because of IMEA. julie's car battery died b/c the lights were on . then we got home. and i picked up kathy because we were going to go to powder puff but we were hungry so first we ate at panera. julie and tiff couldn't go because they both had to work! then after that we went to the game. kathy had to stay at the table selling subs for our class so i stayed with her and we had fun making fun of people and stuff. we lost and the mean seniors sprayed chocolate syrup on our team!! after the game i dropped off jay and then we were on our way to drop off andy but he wanted to see if tiff was working at DQ. and i knew that she was and julie was too so we went there and talked for a while. then we were annoying in the drive thru. sorry if we really made you mad.. then we went to wendy's to be stupid in the drive thru and i shouldn't have but i gave in to peer pressure and the guy was mad so i tried to hurry and drive away but the person waiting to turn was stupid. then we dropped off andy and we didn't want to go home so kathy and i went to the target in woodfield and looked around. we both got shirts that said "cut your mullet" and got comfy black pants because the next day was twin day. and we decided we have to be bananas in pajamas for halloween because it would be really funny.

friday 10-8... we had to decorate for homecoming because we're in student council and at the end it ended up just being me, julie, dulari, kathy, jenni, lisa, and katie. it was aggravating!! we were there til EIGHT and even the rest of the BOARD was gone. then after that we went to the game and saw most of it. we won! WOO. but what do you expect. it raised my spirits . then we went to IHOP for dessert! it was fun!! and our waiter was fun!

saturday 10-9... in the morning i went to walgreens with my mom to get nail polish, eye shadow, and lip gloss. and we got disposable cameras. the lip gloss was too light tho. then i went to walgreens again with julie and exchanged my lip gloss. then we went to target looking for earrings for her but didn't find anything and then we went to claire's and she found like.. perfect! earrings. and i got cool earrings (which i found out tiff also bought!) and a bracelet. then we came back and went to ken's to get mean girls for the night. and then back to walgreens so julie could get a camera. then it was already like 2 and i came home and showered. then my mom did my stupid hair and i think it actually looked good inside my house but in the pics it looked bad. oh well. you have no idea how much i hate my hair. and i put on some makeup and my mom painted my toenails. and then julie and lisa picked me up and we met katie and jenni at olive garden. we had fun eating there and then made our way to homecoming and lisa's mom picked her up. we got there a lot earlier than jenni and katie because they had to stop at jenni's house or something. then they got there and i realized i didn't have my picture form so julie and i went back to her car to get it.  i really am sorry. so we went inside. after a little bit we went to get our picture taken. it seemed like a funny pose. i didn't do much dancing at all because i'm stupid but oh well that's why i didn't to go. then after the dance we went to my house so i could get my stuff and then picked up lisa and went to katie's house. we played ddr and then watched mean girls once dulari got there. and i fell asleep during the END. then i woke up and watched the simpsons and part of the breakfast club. then we all really went to sleep. then it was sunday morning...

sunday 10-10... still at katie's house haha. we had cinammon rolls for breakfast and they were good. then we did some more DDR and lisa and jenni were trying to pants people. then we went homeee! and then julie and i went to woodfield to get dulu a present. but we didn't find anything. so we went to disc replay. and then we went to target and got her 13 going on 30 and uptown girls and got her some chandelier earrings. then we went home. i showered and then julie picked me up and then we went to uno's for dulari's birthday! it was fun . then after that julie, lisa, dulari, me, rikin, jay, and sahaj went to cosmic bowl. dulari didn't want to drive alone so i kept her company and we just chillaxed and had fun! so we got there and made stupid names for ourselves on the screen thing and i was baddd but it was fun! then after that us girlies went to jewel to get some cookies and stuff, and then we went to dulari's house! we ate some popsicles and watched 50 first dates but i fell asleep like right away because i was cold and wanted to lay down and i was tired. then it was morning..

monday 10-11... we woke up and julie and lisa ate eggs and i had cookies and then we left! and i came home and did stupid hw. we didn't have school just so you know.

tuesday 10-12... umm after school i had my psat class and we graded the practice test we took the week before and i got a 206 (perfect is 240). then after that i picked up some food and came home and watched gilmore girls and one tree hill of course.

wednesday 10-13... in the morning we had the psat class... it had 5 sections and by the 4th i didn't feel good. i ended up going to the nurse after the test and then going home like an hour or so after that. and then i didn't go to school the next day because i didn't finish the english that was due that day because the day before i couldn't really do it. so because i'm stupid and always get sick at the worst times because i'm stupid i'm going to have an even worse grade in that class because i will get like half credit or something else really bad because it was late and we had so much time to do it.

friday 10-14... came back to school. umm. after school kathy came to my house and we sat in my car and waited for tiff and julie to pick us up. then we picked up katie conniff and went to the halloween store by stratford looking for costumes but we didn't find much. then we went to the mall and we walked around. i hate going in abercrombie. i really do. i like the store.. it's awesome. but AHH i feel like.. unworthy. i don't know why i'm taking the time to write it out in here but i guess it's worth writing about for me. although i feel like that in pretty much every store because i don't have any style but i mean in that store it's just worse because it's not only the clothes that make me unworthy. oh well.. anyways. then we went to some other halloween store. and then we went to ihop! it was pretty good. and then we went to target and looked around. then we went in the car and we were going to play pool because me tiff and julie had never played at a pool place before but we ended up not going. i was sorta relieved because.. blah. whatever. but umm so we just drove around and talked.. actually most of it was about religion. altho i mainly just listened. i'm not saying it like i'm upset that i only listened but i'm more upset at myself that i never talk.. not like what i say is worth listening to but whenever i'm about to talk someone else does but i never speak up. my own fault i know. i'm just saying. then we went home..

saturday 10-15... i was bored and wanted CDs so i went to best buy and got sum 41 and further seems forever. and then i came home and got my target gift card and talked to tiff online and asked if she wanted to come with. so i picked her up and we went to target. she got snow patrol and i got story of the year and sugarcult. i wanted to get the old something corporate cd but they didn't have it! how stupid. then she needed to get iron on letters so we drove on north ave. and then york rd. and downtown elmhurst and found a hobby shop thing or whatever. but it had closed 10 minutes earlier. it closed at 5:30!! WHAT?! oh well. so then i dropped her off because she had to work at 7. then i came home and went online and then around 8 lisa picked me up and we saw taxi. it was funny!! then after that i came homeee.

sunday 10-16... i didn't get off the sofa til 3. wowow. then i went with my mom to get gift certificates from marcus and then we picked up pizza from nardi's. i actually just sat in the car but whatever. then i came home and ate and watched a league of their own but fell asleep towards the end just like i always seem to do lately. and then i woke up and my uncle and mom were watching an indian movie so i watched some of that but i had to do hw and it was like 10 so i came up here. but i haven't started because i checked email and i have been writing in this thing!! and now i have to do all my stupid hw!! UGHH!!! i shouldn't procrastinate. so that's all for now.

did you enjoy my loooong entry? no? oh well...  

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24th September 2004

11:41pm: another LOOONG entry

could it be... an UPDATE?!?! well.. it IS!!

this starts from lasssst friday... wait maybe the friday before that. whatever. it starts on friday, sept. 10th.. and since it's been so long since i updated, the earlier things won't be very detailed.

friday 9-10.. i came to school and when i got there i smiled right away when i saw kathy holding huge balloons in the hallway. thank you!! and my locker had nice pics of chad michael muray on it thanks julie . and then the day went on and blah blah blah i don't remember it all. julie and i both wore striped shirts.. what the puck! well after tennis i was driving home and the big 7 balloon popped in my car and that just like ruined the car ride home. after tennis i showered and then i went to ikea with kathy and brian! it was the first time i had been there.. AWESOME store! i need money and a bigger room so i can decorate with their stuff. so many cool things!! then we walked around in woodfield.. brian went cray-z at express and kathy and i got island gateway smoothies! yummy. then we saw resident evil 2! it was pretty good but i was sorta confuzzled since i didn't see the first one. oh well!

saturday 9-11.. my birthday! woop woop! juolly picked me up and we went to olive garden (by woodfield) and kathy and kaitlin were there too! we talked about farting and pooping a lot, and it was HILARIOUS. it all started because some lady moved her chair or something when it was quiet and it sounded like a fart, and earlier kathy had been talking about how mushrooms and brocolli give her gas.. kathy told us about her mom and brother's farting/pooing problems, julie and i told them about the old guy who farted when we were in the bookstore, i told them about the old guy i saw pooing in the caputo's parking lot, kaitlin told us about the farting machine dean used on his grandpa on his birthday at a restaurant, and i'm sure there was more! then i opened my gift which consisted of a PICKLE card, razzles, and 13 going on 30!!! WOO! thank youuu! then we had to take kaitlin home because she had to go home, and julie and kathy and i went back to woodfield! we walked around and spent a LOT of time in h&m and i got 2 shirts, a sweater, and a winter scarf!! then we went to spencer gifts so julie and kathy could show me the things that they wanted to buy me as gag gifts then we went in that cool (but EXPENSIVE) store... ruehl.. you can't even tell that it's a store because of the way it looks outside (well not OUTSIDE but the part facing inside the mall). then we got smoothies, and i got some YUMMY fries from steak escape and the guy at the register looked like he was high or something. thenn we dropped kathy off, and julie and i went to her house and we were going to watch 13 going on 30 but her mom had been watching another movie, hope springs, but she was talking on the phone so we restarted it and watched it! it was good! thenn i went home!

sunday 9-12.. i went to lisa's house, picked her up, and we went to ken's! we rented lost in translation and then went back to her house and "watched" the movie, and ended up not paying attention to most of it.. so we ended up not really understanding it but it seemed like one of those movies that you'd have to pay attention to to even get the point of.. not like it was confusing but yeah i dunno.

i don't remember what happened that week.. well i twisted my ankle at practice one day and i played singles for an exhibition match at willowbrook and i lost but it wasn't that bad.

saturday 9-18.. julie and i went to woodfield to look for dresses for homecoming! we looked around marshall field's, carson's, jessica mcclintock, and maybe a few other stores, but we didn't find anything that great. so we got smoothies and fries again and ate and they were yummy! then we went to david's bridal and looked around. we both tried on this one red dress and julie said it didn't "call to her" or w/e but that i should get it! so i ended up getting it the next day with my mom. but yeah then i went home. and kaitlin called me and asked if i wanted to go with her to the local bands show at st. paul so she and her little bro picked me up and we went to see scratched eye! it was good!! then after that we were going to to go jp's house but kaitlin wanted to wait til dean went there before we went. except dean had to stay at st. paul because they required band members to stay or w/e.. so kaitlin and i looked through some of her mom's scrapbooks of kaitlin and laughed at videos from band concerts and stuff, and then we "got ready" to go to jp's house! kaitlin wore her orange wig for her misty costume, underwear over her jeans, retro sunglasses, and a blinky light!!  i wore an oblong (a scarf type thing), her emo glasses, the black mr. p. tie, a yellow spongebob tie, a sock on my ear, and a striped scarf around my leg. hahahahahah! so thenn we went to jp's house!! haha we walked into his basement and it was funny and NOT embarassing because everyone at the party was COOL! so we took pics with our costumes and such. and messed around with jp's blow up girlfriend. and then we went outside and went on the trampoline! and kaitlin and i had shadow sex on the trampoline. and she and mic pulled a scarf out of my ass. AND a tiara! then everyone went inside but kaitlin and i laid down on the trampoline and talked about our music video!! hahahahah it was so funny!! seriously we have to make it!! and what we didn't know is that everyone in the basement could hear us from the window oh well nothing embarassing was said   so after that we had cake and shtuff and we all messed around sum' mo' and then i went homee!! it was a good day!!

sunday 9-19.. i rented the 2nd season of the simpsons, got some ice cream, and went to lisa's house! we got through the first disc and part of the second. annd we played cards again and then monopoly! i won!! yayee! the simpsons is a good show!! but i ended up not watching any of the other dvds because during the week i either had tennis or something else or i was falling asleep.

hmm.. monday nothing really happened.

tuesday 9-21.. i was really sleepy that day. it seemed like everyone was. in the evening i had my psat class! our english/reading teacher said "alright" like... over 200 times. oi. stephanie (hasapis) sits diagonally behind me and i could see her tallying out of the corner of my eye and i kept laughing, but i felt stupid because i sit in the front so i look stupid laughing for no reason.. altho i'm sure everyone (except the teacher herself) knew why i was laughing anyway so. yeah. then after my class i went to DQ because it was free cone day! and juolly was working so it was like a 2fer! so i talked to shmoops about my teacher and my class and ate some ice cream. and then her dad and mom and molly came in so i sat with them and talked to themm tooo! they finished their ice cream and left and i was still eating. i'm too sloooow. but it was getting late and i had to be home because my mom had to work so i left and finished my ice cream on the way home. and GG and OTH had their season premieres so i watched the tape because my uncle got the antennas to work! YAY! but i don't think the OTH eppy was that great only because it just explained stuff.

wednesday 9-21.. after school i went to best buy because rikin said that there was going to be a job fair thing and they would be doing interviews. so i went there and they had a little table set up with little cards saying to visit the gaming kiosk and apply and then you will be interviewed or whatever, but i didnt know WHAT kiosk they were talking about. and then i heard someone saying my name and it was joe (capili) and he was trying to figure out what to do too so we asked one of the hess brothers (the one that works there) and he brought us to a computer and i tried applying but the stupid window closed after i got through like 5 pages. so i tried again and i was doing it for like 10 minutes this time and it closed again! and by that time luk had also come. so the three of us went over to the other computers that are set up specifically for applying and waited for the people (one of who was dennis) to finish and then i applied, and then joe, and then luk. and rikin had come in because he had to work so i asked him about the job fair thing and stuff. thenn i came home! i napped and then went with my uncle to pick up his friend's sister and stuff and then slept some more until like 10 and then i finally came up here and did my homework and stuff.

thursday.. after school i had peanut day for key club! natalia and i were on the corner of lake st. and addison rd., on the addison rd. part, on the side closer to my house (next to that 9 minute oil change thing or w/e). we were both scared of walking in the lanes at first, but after a while we were just like whatever! there were some strange people in their cars, but it was ok. then that ended around 6 so i went back to school to see if anyone was still playing tennis! i saw julie playing singles so i went down and watched her play like 2 more points and win the set! then she and dicky and i went to the gym to check out the volleyball game, and it was good! then dicky had to leave and julie wanted to get her car keys or something from kathy, and kathy and tina were done playing so the 4 of us went to watch the game! we won! after that julie drove kathy and i drove tina and we went to wendy's!! yummy. after that julie dropped kathy off and i dropped tina off. but i went back the way to kathy's house to follow julie back b/c i had her clothes in my car.. wow that sounds weird.. but it was because she put them in there after her tennis match b/c my car was closer than hers. so yeah anyway i was getting close to her house but i knew i wouldnt be able to get there before julie left obviously so i turned around in that golf club parking lot and julie drove by like within a minute so i tried to catch up and got next to her at the light at addison road and then we stopped in front of my house and i gave her her stuff and yeah! and i came home and fell asleep and i didn't do my homework. oh well we didn't have anything due except math anyway!

friday 9-24.. hmm.. the day was pretty good.. but tennis was awesome! kaitlin and i played against julie and katie (h.) and we goofed around a lot and kaitlin and i did a weird hand flip and we all danced weird and just acted strange in general! but then after tennis julie and tina and i walked to my car and there was a big orange sticker on it b/c i don't have the parking permit sticker on my car because it's on julie's and it said if i park w/o a permit again the car will be towed! but my name was on the application and the car's info was and everything on the app. for the permit, and on the list of people that were approved for a permit, my name and car info was on there! UGH. and THEN we were peeling it off and parts of the sticker wouldn't come off!!!!!!!  my mom said she would call in and ask them what i'm supposed to do because buying 2 permits for ONE parking spot is stupid since we COULD just bring the sticker in the car of whoever is driving, but that's not possible since they say that you HAVE TO have it like STUCK on your dashboard (you can't just have it taped or w/e)! that's so stupid! AND they ask for the car info. on the application, so they should use it and see that i am under the same carpool thing as julie! if i bought a permit too then both of us would be able to park and they wouldn't know since apparently they don't check the damn list! UGH. so yeah my mood was all of a sudden POOP. so then after school i dropped tina and julie off. and then i came home and sat around. actually i sat in the car with the door open for like half an hour and i almost fell completely asleep but it wasn't comfortable enough. so then i came in and sat around and told my mom about the sticker and crap. and i checked my cell phone voice mail to see if best buy called because if they tried my home phone yesterday (thurs.) it wouldn't have worked because our phone line was down or something. and they DID call! WOO! well i had to go to ken's to return the simpsons dvds that lisa and i rented so i went and then i went to taco bell and got some food. annd i came home and ate! and then i called best buy about the interview thing and i have an interview on monday at 4! and then i tried to come online but my internet wasn't working again so i watched tv! and my uncle came home and i found out this wasn't working because the phone line wasn't plugged into the computer because he unplugged it yesterday. so i came online and here i am!

and tomorrow.. homecoming dress shopping with julie, dulari, lisa, and katiepope at yorktown and david's bridal! woo! should be fun!! toodles!!

and a shoutout to shmoopy because i want her to get better!

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11th September 2004

2:02am: it's been a while..

WOW i haven't updated in FOREVER. so i'm going to start from LAST WEEK on monday and work my way up. this will probably be long but maybe not. and my "summer list" will hopefully be up in the near future. anyways.. here goes...

monday.. i fell down when we were doing the quads. stretch in gym. we were in the gymnastics room and i was off balance and i started hopping around and instead of letting go of my foot i held on and tried to hop and get my balance but i fell.. but it was light. and luckily no one saw me fall except kathy. but then she said "omg you fell?!?" really loudly like right as i fell and i was still getting up as EVERYONE in the class turns back and looks at me. hahahahahhaha thankfully our gym class is pretty much all people who are nice and stuff so i was laughing but i was still so embarassed hahahaah..

tuesday.. i almost fell down. but this time it was at lunch. i sat down on the bench thingy but i guess i had my butt too far back and i almost fell back but julie grabbed my arm and i grabbed onto the table. if i had fallen there, now THAT would have been terrible. because it's not as hard to sit down as it is to balance on one leg. and in the CAFETERIA. hahahha

umm.. i'm skipping wed. and thurs. because nothing really happened..

friday.. after school we had tennis and stuff. and then julie and i showered and went to ihop to meet dulu and lisa and katie pope! it was yummy. and then julie, lisa, and i stopped at osco to get some candy and shtuff. then we went to the football game! i ate a whole container of tangerine sour altoids and my taste buds looked scary. then after the game we wanted to do somethind so we went looking for ice cream.. it was about 10:30. so we tried osco and it was CLOSED! and dominick's was CLOSED! so finally we went to jewel and it was OPEN! we got vanilla and moose tracks b/c it was buy one get one free, hot fudge topping, and sprinkles for julie. thenn we went back to katie's house and ate it!! and we sat around and talked, played "sleep with, marry, and throw off a cliff", and looked through an issue of teen people with the 50 sexiest guys that we bought at jewel too. it was a lot of fun!!

saturday i just sat around and stuff...

sunday/monday.. julie, tiff, and i went to woodfield because we had to ask dulari about a sleepover thing and she was working! one of the stores we went in was urban outfitters.. they have cool clothes! one of their shirts was really funny. actually.. 2 of them. one had a picture of a tomato and said "you say tomato... [and at the bottom it said] i say fuck you!" and there was another one just like it but with a potato instead of tomato!! hahahahahaah. then we went to wal-mart and looked around and all that jazz! then we went to shoe carnival because tiffy had wanted to go there and she tried on some chuck t's which i really want! i like the red ones and the green ones and i really like the yellow ones! but i don't think i can pull them off and the yellow wouldn't match with a lot of stuff... hmph. oh well. but i looked online at converse.com (again) and i've decided that i like a lot of their shoes. but they're so damn expensive online!! and their sizes are all weird so i wouldn't want to buy them online w/o trying them on first anyway! oh well. thennn we dropped tiffy off because she had to work! and we decided that our little sleepover thing would be at julie's house (lisa and katie came too, dulu couldn't ).. so we went to ken's with molly and looked for movise for the 5 for $5 thing! we got igby goes down (good movie!), office space (the parts i saw were funny!), sorority boys, dogma (not as funny as some people say), and saving silverman (i didn't even watch that haha). thennn we went to dominick's in elmhurst to look for snacks and stuff. and then we went to walmart and got some salsa con queso because it was expensive at dominick's!! so then we picked up lisa, and then we stopped at 7-11!! thenn we went to julie's house!! katie wasn't there for a while because she had work. so lisa, julie, and i watched dogma. "the tubby one has tits" and "are you sure you're ok? your eyes look a little :-/" are the only things i remember from that because lisa cracked up at those lines hahahhaah. thenn katie came!! we ate salsa con queso!! and katie and lisa told their story about miracle cleaner making them go cuckoo, and julie about her paint/spraypaing doing the same haha. then lisa and julie started talking about how i'm having an affair with her (julie's dad)!! ahhhhhhhhh! but it's ok because julie is having one with mike (her brother). hahahaha then we looked through katie's scrapbook thinger.. and read some of her writing things from kindergarten and stuff... she wanted to be invisible so she could tickle her sister and take money, and then kelsey would sneak out at night and get them food?? lol and also.. there was one about full house.. and she spelled uncle jesse "Acl Jeicy" except the j was backwards HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA omggggggg you had to see it and read it. and then uncle joey was Acl Joey (i think joey was spelled write), but once again with a backwards j hahaha. then we watched office space and i don't remember why but i didn't really pay attention but the parts i saw were funny! then we talked about random stuff and then we were getting tired and put finding nemo on so that it woudln't matter if we missed parts or fell asleep (since we had all already seen it). so the next morning i woke up because the phone kept ringing and some stupid person left a long message. and we ate bagels for breakfast. and julie's gallon of milk was dripping! :O then we looked through old fullerton yearbooks that julie has.. that was funny and it felt nice thinking of the "good ole days". then katie had to go home around 12. but julie lisa and i watched office space again since we missed so much earlier, but i was comfy laying down with the blanket and everything and i fell asleep so once again i missed like everything except the end!! oh well!! it was funny!! milton is hilarious ahhahahahahah. thenn we watched igby goes down and ate some frozen pizza! it was one of those weird movies, but a good movie!! i want to watch it again because i sorta wasn't paying attention through all of that either because i was looking through magazines in the beginning. then a little bit after that i went homeee (around 430). i should have been doing homework but instead i went to josh's house because he was finally home. and then we walked to walgreen's with his sister to get stretchy book covers and stuff. and then walked back. and then we had to go back because josh supposedly wasn't supposed to get a calculator. but my mom let me drive! so we went. and came back. and then just chillaxed.

tuesday.. umm we had our first general drama meeting. we started a big sister/brother & little sister/brother thing. julie and i didn't get anyone. i hate when we have to pick for things like that but what should a person like me expect anyway? oh well! then i had my psat prep class in the evening and it was ok but i was less interested than last time. lisa and i had fun because we got to do our math stuff with other people. and we were goofing off the whole time as we did our work ("BURN!" hahahahhaa) but we were still like farthest/2nd farthest ahead haha.

wednesday.. after school we had a tennis match at morton.. it was the first one i went to. katie (horton) and i played exhibition and we won! haha then after it i hit around with kathy, tina, and then this other girl nicky (a senior) and kathy had her visor on backwards and it looked like she had a mullet hahahahaha. after the game we stopped at mcdonald's to get food (i didn't get any because i knew i was going out to eat after). kathy drank a whole medium diet coke in like 30 seconds so she could get a refill. and dicky didn't think she could do it again and bet her $1 but kathy did it!! she's cray-z.

thursday.. early dismissal b/c of open house.. WOO! julie and i wanted to eat so we drove around looking for sweet tomatoes. but we didn't know where it was exactly. because it's on main st. but we didn't know which one because there are too many! ahh. so we went to old coutnry because we were right by it at one point. it was yummy! all i had was salad and some mac and cheese and corn, and ice cream! then after that i wanted to go to tjmaxx but julie needed to go home so i dropped her off and asked my mom if we could go so we did! i looked at the jeans and tried on 7 pairs and ended up getting 4!! WOO! i just hope they stay longish! one pair (express jeans oooh snap) is REALLY long so i LOVE that one the most. and i looked to see if they had any good shoes but they didn't. and then we went to value city to see if they had any shoes and i looked and saw some skechers shoes that were like that retro kind. they had these COOL blue ones.. they were like.. turquoise/aqua. but not in my size. and they had them in green. not in my size. NONE of the colors were in my size. but they wouldn't match with everything anyway so yeah. and then we went home!!

the end.

ok so i know that today is friday (technically saturday) so i should put stuff frmo today in but i will later. the weekend update will be its own thing. today (saturday) is my birthday! woo!! it doesn't really feel like it though.. in comparison to the years past. but it's still good! so yeah.. i'm done for NOW! shiiiiiiiii. OOOOOH and i got my school pics yesterday but i didn't notice until today! i scanned them and i have it as my profile pic in my xanga now so if you wanted to see it go there!

29th August 2004

1:57am: monday, tuesday, wednesday, ... today!

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who thinks this needs a new entry? lopa does! why is lopa talking in third person? she doesn't know but she's going to stop now!!...

just so you know.. this entry is really long.

monday... worked on english and history stuff. i had tennis from 3-5. around 9 i went to IHOP.. jp, mic, thalia, eric, allison, dave, and max were all there. we ate and goofed around for a long time! i had cheese sticks and hash browns again, and of course later on (after i got home) i wanted... WAFFLES! jp asked one of the server people how to harvest cheddar, and she went into this long explanation about how cheddar has oil and american cheese doesn't, but we still didn't get an answer! we were there til like 11!

tuesday... i woke up around 2 which was bad because it was the day before school and i had lots of work to do!! i ended up not doing anything til 4 anyway but i had to shower at 5 because then i went to the music bbq with julie, and met up w/tina! we went there and tina ate (and stole) many hot dogs! i had salad wtih too much dressing! and pretzels. talked to julie and tina and jenni and tiff and andy. we watched the band play, the baton people twirl, and the flags people.. flag? then julie and i left a little after that because it was over. as we were walking to my car i saw that my lights were on.. and i realized i left them on for that whole hour! AHH! so then we were on our way home and julie asked if we could stop and DQ and of course i couldn't resist so i said yes! so we went and shared a banana split! it was yummy!! and guess what. after we ordered the banana split and were walking to sit down.. julie saw that i had left my lights on AGAIN! but this time it makes more sense. it's because i was turning them off but i only twisted it partway and julie and i were talking about how the beeping sound the car makes if you leave your lights on should be louder..and then julie was like yeah it should say "YOU LEFT YOUR LIGHTS ON YOU IDIOT!" or something else similar, and i guess i forgot to turn them off again haha. boy i felt like an idiot. so then after we ate i dropped her off and then got to work! i knew i wouldn't finish early so i planned on an all nighter and that's what i got! julie and tina did the same thing, although tina admitted to me that she technically didn't because she fell asleep for like.. 5 minutes. but still! damn. but i wasn't as tired as you would think.. until tennis after school the next day.

wednesday... we had school! so i woke up and got ready and stuff and julie picked me up and then tiff and we went to school! woo! YAY for free parking for the first 2 weeks! not a bad day! b/c of my lack of sleep i was quite hyper in a delirious way! i have gym w/julie, kaitlin, kathy, dean, ryan, thalia, and other people. after that i have spanish... kathy and i took a LONG way because she wanted to see mr. p. (he has a new room)... but apparantly she didn't know how much longer that path was!! so we were late to spanish. we were there while they were doing the pledge but waited til everyone was done to sit down. julie, jenni, kathy, lauren, and a lot of other people are in that class. then we had english... we had to fill out these cards and on the back had to write something that no one knew about you but you wouldn't mind if people did. i have a lot of people i know in that class... julie, jenni, tina, kathy, rikin, dicky, lisa, katie pope, tiff, etc..... if i didn't list you it's because i haven't really looked around the room! i often forget that many of those people are in my class because i didn't have english with them last year! after that we have lunch! yay. i sit with julie, tina, tiff, julie spiroff, kathy, katie, and maricella. then i have precalc.. my only class with dulu.. and i sit right in front of her so i always talk to her too!! EVERYONE is in that class too! :-) then i have physics.. julie, jenni, kaitlin, kathy, lauren, dean, sam, and other people are in that classssss.... on the first day we played polar bears around the ice hole. thennn concert choir! ahh. i want to be in treble. :-( i feel out of place and my seating doesn't help because i'm right next to the guys. and for some reason i can't hear any of the girls next to me. and the guys are loud. so i keep not singing because i can't hear myself OR the girls, unless i sing loud and i don't want to sing really loudly just so i can hear myself because even then i won't know if i'm off because i can't hear everyone else! ahh. seriously. i am dreading the next of the year in that class. i mean i love choir. but i'm afraid b/c it's concert. i want to do treble next year but i sorta want to do blazer too! hmph but that won't be happening because of the stupid new rule that takes effect next year... all seniors have to take gym. well yeah then last i have american history. i sit in the front, but we're sitting in a U shape so i'm facing the windows. sam sits on my left, and ryan is directly behind me and tina is to his left so that's coo! and across the U from me (not directly but still) julie has her seat so that's funny sometimes haha. oh, in case you didn't already figure it out, julie and i have the same exact schedule! i don't like that i have it last (like last year) because history tends to be my hardest class (despite what my report card says from math... that's from being stupid and not paying attention to stuff on tests and crap..), and since it's at the end of the day i'm already tired and my mind is drifting. so after school we had practice and yeah. when i came home i got a slice of pizza, slept from 6ish to 9. woke up to go with my uncle to pick up his friend's sister from work, then came home. then i was watching tv and the movie "thirteen" was going to come on and i wanted to see it so i watched it. it's one messed up movie.. but in terms of subject matter. but it's a good movie.. sorta a sad ending though because no resolution.. but that's what life's like. and evan rachel wood is a really good actress. to be able to do all of the stuff that her character did in that movie and pull it off.. wow. well after that was over i came online even though i was still really tired... i needed the sleep that i missed from the night before. but i came online anyway (around 11) and lisa was on so i wanted to talk to her so i stayed online til 1ish haha. but then i didn't fall asleep until like... 3 because my uncle was snoring again and by the time i got offline i had "woken up."

thursday... i picked up julie and tiff early and went to school because there was supposed to be an informational NHS meeting. but we got there and saw lisa coming out of the little theatre... apparently it was only for returning members. but the damn signs didn't say that! and mr./coach kup. said it was an informational meeting! oh well. so we walked around and stuff and went to class and stuff. yeaaaaup. after school we had tennis. we had to play 3 sets... best 2 of 3.. it was SO HOT i am not even kidding. mostly because of the humidity. seriously it was so nasty. well after that i came home and my mom's friend was there! so i had to change back into my normal clothes and we went to wal mart. i got ONE sports bra because they only had one in my size of the kind i want in the color i want. how STUPID! and i got three cool folders. and 2 cool belts (red and green).. well i think they're cool! and 3 necklaces.. one was 1.74ish and the other 2 were together for like 3.84ish or something! and then we went to old country buffet. it was yummy. then i came home and i did homework and it took too long and i was talking online so i was online til like 130ish again. oh and rikin came to my house at like 11 to pick up my longday'sjourneyintonight book because he still had to do his homework so i saw his strobe lights in his car :-P. he better keep it in good condition because i love the cover and i have to scan it for julie. so yeah i got off at 130 but once again didn't fall asleep til much later because of my uncle's snoring.

friday... picked up julie and tiff again... went to school. in gym we actually did stuff.. we did situp testing and my tummy is sore. then we had spanish and mr. helton came in to talk to us and stuff for most of the period, and then we took a quiz on stuff. in english we took notes like we did the day before. at lunch we ate and did homework and stuff as usual. then we had math and took notes and stuff. in physics we got put in seats and i'm in the middle in the front! AH. i don't like that seat. my lab partner is luis.. i don't know him that well but he's nice which is good! so we did that lab with needles and a mirror and stuff. thennn choir. once again i could only hear the guys and i was doign poopy. i really don't like my seat but i don't want to ask to be moved because that technically shouldn't matter because i should be able to do it myself but i mean come onnnnn. and then we had history and i don't remember what we did but i was tired. then after school i missed practice because we had a drama meeting which was long because we did a little tour of important places if you're in theatre for the freshmen and that took a while. jenni and i felt out of place because a lot of the people already knew alyssa and cate, and they pretty much only talked about acting, even though crew is just as good and fun and important! so by the time it was over (and after i was done talking to jenni haha) it was pointless to change for practice because there were only like 30 minutes left. so after that i drove kathy, tina, and julie home. julie took a shower b/c of tennis and then picked me up so we could go target hopping and eat beacuse kathy said they cheap shorts at the target in woodfield. so on the way there we stopped at the bank so julie could get money and then at walgreen's so she could get a toothbrush! we saw mikeal there because he works there now!! and then we went to target and did NOT find any of the shorts kathy was talking about. so we were on our way to the target on north ave. even though i was there a few days ago to see if somehow they had the shorts, when dulari called! she asked me if julie and i wanted to go to the wheaton north football game with her, but we sorta didn't want to because we wanted to be able to eat! but we ended up going with her anyway. so we went to julie's house to look up directions, and then dulari and her little cousin manish came to get us in her new used maxima! woo!! it's really nice. black exterior, black leather interior, roomy, and nice! and nice pick up b/c it's a sportier car. on the way there we saw amanda anderson driving her minivan with lauda and amanda waved to dulari.. that was odd. when we got there we had to find parking and that was bad and we parked on a side streeet. so we got to the game and the lady taking the tickets was weird, confused, and rude. then we sat and watched the game! we were winning from the very beginning. the final score ended up being like 35 to 7! WOO! during part of the game we went to go get food and there were a few football players in front of us, and one of their friends came up to them to talk to them and slapped one of the other's butts and was talking to them. and he did it again before he left. julie and i just looked at each other like... ok.  then we went home! it was a good game because our team is finally good because of OUR class! woo.

saturday.... saturday is actually today. but since i'm writing this late at night/early morning, it's technically sunday right now so the date for this entry will say sunday. but you get what i mean. today we had the drama car wash, so i picked up kaitlin and we were on our way! i accidentally drove to the school and as we were next to it on army trail i realized that it was at humes funeral home.. not like i forgot but i'm just so used to going to school. so we got there and i dried cars w/julie, jenni, melly, and some other people. i also saw colton, andy, drew, luca, and more people! while we were there julie jenni and i went to the gas station to get some food because i was hungry and jenni sorta was and i guess julie was thirsty? so we came back and did some more drying and then we left a little later! i got my car wash just because and when i got home and it was worse than it was to begin with because there was dried soap all over! and then it ended up raining later. good thing i only gave $2! haha. after that i came home and called josh because we were going to meet jenni and shannon at the carnival because they wanted to see miss addison but josh ended up not being able to go so i just went alone and met with jenni and shannon. and then we watched the q&a section and then we ate! despite what jenni may say, shannon and i are correct in saying nardi's is the best! i bought a glass of lemonade from this place for $3 and it tasted for sugar water. ick. but it wasn't a glass of lemonade.. it was like.. a BUCKET of sugarwater. oi. well after that we went under the tent again because it was supposed to be warmer there and watched this juggler person or whatever until the miss addison results came. it was really cold and pouring. well after that my uncle took me to jenni's house because i had already called him before jenni asked me if i wanted to come to her house with her and shannon after.. so we ended up getting there before jenni herself :-P so we just waited in the driveway. then they got there and jenni's dad took us to get DQ! i saw tiff and katie pope and my shmoopy! haha i don't know why but i like that word. i'm sorry that i stole it from you, tiffoneisha! oh well!! so we went back to jenni's house and watched mtv and then whose line is it anyway and talked and ate our ice cream! then around 11 jenni's dad dropped us off! so of course i came online! and then i started writing in here because it's been a while since i've updated this thing!

tomorrow is the parade! i'm going be in it! look at that. OOOH that reminds me. i have to make an entry.. it's going to be a list. of all the things i did this summer! oh it will be great. maybe not for you but for me. one of those memory things. there was really no point to making those last year because i didn't do as much stuff! so if i don't do it for a long time, remind me.. but i need to do it when i have a lot of time and energy so it probably won't be on a school day. but that also means that i'll be catching up in here so it will be hard to find a day when i'm not writing other stuff to make the list... oh well i'll figure it out somehow. altho i'm sure i care more about this than you anyway :-P. but that's all for now!! so i hope you enjoyed this EXTREMELY long entry. it's like.. as long as my canada journals. eep. oh well. if you read all the way through, thank you. :-) good night, all.

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22nd August 2004

3:02pm: _____LOPA_____

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i need hugs! and don't tell me your computer goes slow because mine does too but this doesn't make it slow! :(

well yesterday (saturday) was quite boring. i did history, read eng., watched tv, ate pizza, came online, did some more history and eng., watched some more tv, came online, did some more history and eng., went to sleep. what a life! and i'm expecting more of that today. except, without the pizza part. :-( ok well i'm only posting so you can fill this out!

I ____ Lopa.
Lopa is ____.
Lopa needs _____.
I want to ____ Lopa.
Lopa can ____ my ____.
Someday Lopa _____.
Lopa reminds me of _____.
Without Lopa _____.
Lopa can be _____.
Worst thing about Lopa is _____.
Best thing about Lopa is _____.
I am _____ Lopa.
I think Lopa should ______.

come onnnnnnnnnnnnn... you know you wanna fill it out!! ...even if you don't want to, i want you to!!
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21st August 2004

2:10am: i'll tell, i won't, i'll tell, i won't...

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well most of this post isn't going to be very detailed because there is one main reason that i am writing.

thursday >> i had my physical, so i missed tennis practice. apparently my vision is 20/30 in my right eye and 20/70 in my left eye. well after that we met my mom's friend and we went to kmart and i got 6 cool spirals. i really wanted them because they really do make the classes more fun. if your materials are boring looking it doesn't help at all. oh and i stumbled upon something i thought julie would love (or at least like?) so we got it. but she'll have to wait until her birthday to find out what it is. then we went to old country buffet and it was good. then we came home.

today (friday) >> i had tennis practice. i went. i sucked. i came home. i ate leftover fettucine alfredo from wednesday. and i finished chapter 1 of the ap history, and i finished chapter 3 for the fixer. only 200 more pages to go. meh. and ALL the essays. oh well. i'll do it somehow. i chatted and did the usual. then, i decided to write this person a letter about everything. ok, maybe not everything, because if it was about everything, the letter would be much longer than it is now, and it's already pretty long (4 pages). i don't know if i should give the person the letter. i really want to. i think i will. but first i am going to im them a little thing letting them know that i am sending them something important and all that stuff, because i haven't really brought this up to this person and it's been upsetting me for over 2 years. the thing i'm worried about is when they will come online, because they're not as addicted to aim as i am. and i don't want to email it. and when i give them the letter, i want to give them the printed copy. it just seems more.. real.. than an email. i dunno. i woudln't normally care but for this i do. so yeah.. giving it to them might be awkward too. well that's all for now. i really don't know if i should give it or not. but i'm at the point where i really want to.

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19th August 2004

2:26am: my schedule

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...and i'm still getting no hugs. thanks guys. no, really, thanks.

this is a copy of the post on my xanga. no longer does your lazy butt have to go to my xanga site to read something new. altho, if you're that lazy.. maybe you don't need to read this stuff anyway. whatever.. here it is.

for those who care.. here's my schedule.

1. P. E. 11 (Lange)
2. Spanish 12-H (Bendicsen)
3. AP Lang./Comp. (Filippini)
4. Lunch
5. Pre-Calc.-H (Stach Wilen)
6. Physics-H (O'Connor)
7. Concert Choir (Dahan)
8. AP Amer. Hist. (Donaldson)

today i also found out ms. stach wilen is the new fr./soph. girls' tennis coach. maybe she'll be easy on me.. and tina and kathy and julie. MWAHAHAHAAHAH. anyways... yes. still upset. )%#@(#$%(@# i'm so stupid. i should just say something. but no. i just say parts of it. stupid #)!(%!@^!@ i really am dumb. oh well. but i REALLY wanted to today but there wasn't an opportunity.

i read pg. 3-10 of the ap history today and i took 2.5 pages of notes (typed, times new roman). i think i might change it to arial and a smaller size to take up less space... but i don't want to get in trouble. oh whatever. i'll see when the time comes. and by "the time", i mean late tuesday night of course. ok well tomorrow should be a pretty good day. i don't have to worry about >IT< and i will be out with my mommy hopefully having fun to take my mind off of >IT< too. ugh. ok well.. bye.

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16th August 2004

11:46pm: tuesday, wednesday, and thursday thru monday (today)

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^^that's pathetic. what's more pathetic is that it's probably from a total of 2 people.

oh screw it... i'm just going to double post... the first part of today's entry is from my older entry in my xanga, and the 2nd part is the entry that i posted today. i doubt anyone cares so i'm just posting them together.. whatever.

tuesday>> had a meeting for the skit. finished the script! woo!! came home.. i was tired but i stayed up anyway. i chatted and stuff. yeah. i was upset that day too.

wednesday>> had the first real rehearsal for the skit. i now have a part in it. i have no idea of how bad/good my acting is. :-/ i just hope it's at least a little good. i'm still upset about that one thing. came home and came online for a little bit. went to barnes and noble with mom to get the fixer and long day's journey into night, but they didn't have the fixer so we bought the other book and put the fixer on hold at the barnes and noble in wheaton. my mom's going to pick it up tomorrow morning. then went to aeropostale (in stratford) to get a gift and i got 2 shirts for myself. then we ate at panera bread. i got the you pick 2 thing but my mom just got soup and my mom tried my sandwich and liked it, but we already had our food. so when she was done she ordered another you pick 2 (she didn't want a whole sandwich) and then i took the soup to go. then i came home and came online. i read the first act of the play. and now i'm eating the leftover soup and drinking pop even though it's late and that's bad. and i'm watching daria. and talking to dean and jp. earlier i talked to kaitlin and jenni and dicky for a little while and dulu or her cousin a little. so yeah that's all i have to say.

---------------- here's all the stuff that i wrote in today's entry... dealing wtih thursday through today (monday) ----------------

hmm so where did i leave off.. well thursday and friday we had rehearsals.. and on thursday i went to old country buffet with my mom and her friend. saturday we had rehearsal. then a few of us went to kfc. and then to jp's house, where we watched monty python and the holy grail.. i only got to see the first 20ish minutes tho because then i was off to jenni's house! we looked at pics from her vacation, ate olive garden, watched love actually! it was weird in some parts but i think it was a REALLY cute movie. sunday we were going to rehearse but then stuff happened and we ended up not rehearsing. but around 2 i went to melissa's house because she was having a get together. it was a lot of fun!! we played badminton and then we went to fullerton and played softball!! it was fun!! then we came back and ate pizza! then we played some volleyball!! and thennnn we went inside and played some DDR and then karaoke revolution! i think people were being mean and the game was broken because shannon and i got rated REALLY REALLY REALLY badly somehow! but it was all good! jp and mic and i were going to go to ihop for breakfast but things came up, so my mom was going to go with me. but we got there and it was CROWDED! so it's a good thing that us three didn't go!! so instead i went to mcdonald's and had fries. then we had rehearsal for the skit... in the beginning we just made the last minute preparations and crap. and after much chaos, we finally rehearsed. then while we were rehearsing a second time, ms. yonke came in and told us that she would need us in the main gym in a few minutes. yes, MAIN GYM! we thought it was going to be in the little theatre! it's ok, we moved. but all the cleaning and fixing and stuff that was done in the little theatre was a waste! and we ended up having to perform FOUR times, instead of three! it was ok though. it actually wasn't really scary. i just felt stupid because the pOems i was making were meant to be funny but they never really got laughs. oh well. there go my hopes of doing a play! oh well. and between shows we came out when the cheerleaders and poms and orchesis people were teaching the kiddies the fight song, and we sang and danced. that was so much fun. you know that time i wrote about how we were flying paper airplanes in english and it will be one of those MEMORY memories? i don't know if you get what i mean but whatever. that was another one of those times. one of those times that you wish someone could have taken a video of so you could relive it whenever you wanted to. but besides that the day was sorta =/ .. not only because i was worried of being stupid in the skit, but because of something else. i don't know if this person is just completely clueless or if they just don't feel like facing the problem. whatever. but yeah so i was really down after i got home. then i was hungry so i picked up some mac and cheese and biscuits from kfc! i ate too much. yargh. well then i was online, and around 10 josh and his little brother came over with a bag that looked sorta like a duffle bag! it was a PUPPY!! josh's mom got a puppy when she was in mexico!! it's a black cocker spaniel... SOOO CUTE! her name is mimi. their other dog (princess) seems a tad bit jealous!! aw but yeah so i went to his house (he was back from his aunt's house, FINALLY), and then i ate some candy that she brought from mexico and talked to josh for a little bit and "read" his little brother some fairytales from a book that his mom got from mexico. it was a little difficult since it was in spanish, and i also didn't want to read word for word. so i just skimmed the page, looked at the picture, and said a few sentences about what happened then i came home! i should go to sleep earlier tonight because i am supposed to go walking with josh tomorrow morning at ::drumroll please::..... 8:30!!!! that's TOO early!! i've been waking up at 10 for the past few days for rehearsal and stuff, and i'm DEAD tired. now just imagine how screwed i'll be for waking up at 6 for school!! AHHH!!! speaking of school, i am still WAY behind for summer reading!!! AHHH!!! omgomgomg. i think i'll read another act tonight from long day's journey into night. AHHHH and tomorrow i have to go to tennis!!! i didn't go today because of the skit, and i REALLY don't want to go because i suck and because my sucking makes other people lose and then i feel bad, and other stuff like that. kaitlin and i were talking about how on game days the whole day our stomachs feel like they're flipping around and we're nervous the whole day... AHHH and with varsity the pressure is even higher!! i am hoping we have exhibition matches.. but i don't think that they do that for varsity... AHHHH! oh well.. and kaitlin won't be at practice this week because of band camp! lucky her!! well i get to miss thursday because i'm getting a physical so woo! that sounds so bad. oh well. you don't know what goes through my mind and how i feel when i play, because i suck so badly. ok well i think i'm going to go now because that's all i have to write about.

Current Mood: sad, tired, relieved, worried
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